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O' Lord! I Have My Doubts


Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

Ruby slipped a roofie in cream soda with a two piece
Riding uzi, riding two seats, slide two cups inside the koozie
I'm so slumped, I'm so numb
Swerving, skrrting with the pump, serving bumps
Ruby Da Chump gotta loosen the blunt
Got a screw that's loose too, but not the noose, stunting
Gotta watch the fucking news, making my debut, stunting
Getting goose from your bitch too, juicing up the oven
Yung Ooze, gotta prove that I'm a dime a dozen
$uicidal, so is my cousin
I gotta gut feeling there's a blade up in my stomach
I don't fear god 'cause I know that he's just bluffing
I'ma die one day, open up the gates to nothing
Heaven ain't an option so before the buzzards start crunching
I'ma keep on saying fuck it, I'ma keep on saying fuck 'em
I'ma keep on saying nothing
Unless you want to get to fucking
Best keep on trucking

Curb checking when I'm whipping with the Leopard in the '94
Hearing voices in my mind, hoe, heroin down my nose
Like Houston, coming down, hundred blades on the Tahoe
Light up my tobacco, rebirth of the scarecrow
I just put my hand in my pocket found a xan, aye
Cut throat with the draco, it's the Yung Slenderman aye
You ain't seen a psycho 'til Lil Slick without his pills
My life just wants to give in every time these burdens build
On me, on me, on me
On me, on me, on me

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