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Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

Through the window i can see, the stage is set
Winter has arrived - with a scream for its first breath
Explaining me that worse days are yet to come
They still can´t grasp simple concepts like compassion
The new season reaches me in this most exquisite moment i´m in
Long lost and troubled memories stirring within
But rather than be overwhelmed or even unsettled by it
It´s like i´m outside myself watching my else getting ready

While outside the skies reel and gather a squall
My becoming will coincide with its fall
Finally i´ll be true and unafraid
To offer my heart…
…on a tray

Cause i would say, say, say and then i would say it all again
Cause i would tell, tell, tell and then i would tell them it all over again
And only now do i see why it is they wouldn´t adhere
They haven´t conquered that inner silence in which you hear
Hisses the air trying to caress me
While madness still tries to find slits through which to sneak in
And knowing now that seemingly opposing feelings come from the same one
I delve into them, i solve them… and bask in the outcome

While outside the skies have assembled their squall
Nothing will be the same after its fall
Finally i´ll be delivered from dismay
And i offer my heart…
On a tray
Oh my, i cannot believe….right here, coming from astray…what is this?
What is this that i see? shinning…shinning on the way?

While outside the skies release the squall
See the life that´s instilled in it all
Finally i see what sages mean when they say:
"you should offer your heart on a tray."
Offer your heart on a tray…just give it all away.

Here´s my heart…
I raise you and we meet the thunder
Won´t matter if we are ever dropped
There is no distance - oh, ponder!

Everything is all

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