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[Verse 1: Apathy]
People think that I'm an asshole
Why's That?
Cause my aim is to mack an innocent dame
And have her givin me brain
Before she can say
"I don't wanna play games"
But to me the back of all girls heads look the same
And if it wasn't for the little charms on they gold chains
I probably wouldn't remember their names
Its insane
Girls in my passenger seat are like my sheets
Stains where I came and change once a week
Bad habits could drop like crack addicts with rock
A girls tryin to count the prophylactics in the box
Got 'em askin me advice payin for palm readers
Cause Ap locks down more bitches than dog breeders
Don't get attached baby o you know how it feels
To be sitting home alone watching Ally McBeal
So give up that ass fast, forget class
I got girls taking my math like they need it to pass

[Chorus x2]
I've accumulated honeys all across the map
Cause id rather bust a nut than.. bust a cap
I come correct in full effect got all my hoes in check
And before I get the butt the jim must be erect

[Verse 2: Apathy]
I've have fly girls with plaid catholic skirts and bobby socks
Body rock my cock with they lips like lolly pops
Pussy lips drip, never let a pussy whip
Have 'em shaved and blazed, I never fuck with bushy shit
Apathy's sexuality defies all reality
Make her go bigger love me for my personality
Titty fuck a pretty slut
Right up on a city bus
Hit her up
Make her swallow cum
Never spit it up
Fuck Viagra I'ma always get it up
I'll be 80 with the ladies and they know I'll rip it up
From mattress to mattress
Dick to fatter asses
I'll give sex classes to a porn star actress

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3: Apathy]
We go club, car, crib, bed, dance, hug, kiss, head
Fuck, bust, sleep, bounce, next night different chick
Never tally 'em out
I copped the digits from this biditch who visits me for the didick
When I hit it she's addicted and wants me to be committed
You can forget it
I had a wifey it fucked through my psychy
And I don't care if females who hear that shit don't like me
Eventually I'ma settle down but for now I'm single
Free to mack in the clubs, show love and mingle
If broads disagree fuck 'em they ain't saying jack
I gotta hundred other bitches across the map

[Chorus x2]

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