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Blind Melon

Cifra: Principal (violão e guitarra)
tom: D
D                 D/F#           G    DNo time frame for what I need to do today            D/F#  G                  Dhere at the yellowhouse I think that I'm gonna play with     D/F#        G             Fsome free living lads down the street... away... away                                                (NOTE: I THINK this next part can be played in the open D xx0232 position withjust a few modifications but I'm not good enough to move around in sucha small space trying to create all the sounds. If you can do it, tabit out and send it up. It'd be nice to see a different way of doing thispart of the song.. since I swear I can hear the D and F# notes of theopen D chord being played all the while the chord progression is changing.This could just be the fact that a bunch of guitars are together though.)--5-5/7-7/9----------------------------5-5/7-7/9-------------------------------5-5/7-7/9---7-7h8p7-7-7-7h8p7-7--7-7-5-5/7-7/9---7-7h8p7-7-7-7h8p7-7--7-7----7-7/9-9/11--7-7-----7-7-7-----7--7-7-7-7/9-9/11--7-7-----7-7-7-----7--7-7----7-7/9-9/11--7-7-----7-7-7-----7--7-7-7-7/9-9/11--7-7-----7-7-7-----7--7-7----5-5/7-7/9----------------------------5-5/7-7/9------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5-5/7-7/9-----------7-7-7----------------5-7/8--8--8--8--8--7-5-3-5----------5-5/7-7/9---7-7h8p7-7-7-7-------7--7-7---5-7/8--8--8--8--8--7-5-3-5----------7-7/9-9/11--7-7-----7-7-7-------7--7-7---7-9/10-10-10-10-10-9-7-5-7----------7-7/9-9/11--7-7-----------------7--7-7---7-9/10-10-10-10-10-9-7-5-7----------5-5/7-7/9--------------------------------5-7/8--8--8--8--8--7-5-3-5-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------D                           D/F#        G                 DAs I feel the moon rise the time that I feel is the right time            D/F#     G                Dhere in our sleepyhouse as I wipe eye bugs away           D/F#        G      Fthe candle flickers at me and says and in my head I sometimes pray                D5    E5    D5            E5   F#5  E5  D5   C5  A5  C5  D5are you feeling fine?          as I was as a little child                       D5             E5  D5     E5  F#5  E5  D5 C5 A5 C5 D5and I'm feeling better when I'm high yeah as shining on a little unity.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------0-----------------------------------------------------------------0-0--0---0--0--0--2-------------0--0--------0--0--------0--0---0h9-----9----5--4--2-------------0--3--5-----0--3--5-----0--3--5----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(not sure about that ending)D                                         D/F#           GThe mistakes that I've made no they don't seem to bother meD                                              D/F#        Gand I sure as hell don't feel like I've missed any kind of trainD                                       D/F#            Gif I could only show you how I feel you wouldn't bother meF                                           Dmaybe you would see why we don't mind being blindPaper Scratcher E                        D                     CShuffle can to can nobody really gives a damn                        A          D  EFor every living day I give myself a hand                   Now I'm scratchy as can be          D                           CI got all you normals looking at me                           A  I'll scratch a hole in my life so everyone can seeA  B   E       My mind is a mind that I have come to knowAnd my eyes can't conceive a world that can not growC D A         And Fridays are always fresh daysScreamin' at the sun, don't reallyKnow what he has doneHe don't believe in God and a world as oneSo he rambles through the weedsAnd he will sleep beneath the treesC            D      A  And on the day I die, Thank God my soul will be releasedB  A  B  A E       E                 I've seen all your eyesAnd I've seen all your faces Can you tell me honestly that you wanna be free?Then look in my eyes I've been lots of placesCan you tell me honestly that you'd want to be me            C#m    B      E            DWould you wanna be me?C#m          B     E  D    C#m  B   E  D      HonestlyC#m  B  E  D  C#m  B  E  D  C#m  B  E
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Outros vídeos desta música
Composição de Blind Melon / Brad Smith / Christopher Thorn / Glenn Graham / Rogers Stevens / Shannon Hoon
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