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Oops!...I Did It Again

Britney Spears

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Tom: C

      Am     Am       Am     Am        Am               E       Am
1.    Uh!    Uh!      Uh!    Uh!            I think I did it again, 
       E          F                           E
    I made you believe we're more than just friends, ah baby !
     Am        E            Am                    F             E
    It might seem like a crush, but it doesn't mean that I'm serious.
           F           E               F                G       E
'Cause to lose all my senses, that is just so typically me! Oh baby, baby!
  Am        E       Am        G               C
Oops!.. I did it again, I played with your heart,
     G           C        E
got lost in the game, oh baby, baby !
 Am            E          Am              G          C
Oops!.. You think I'm in love, that I'm sent from
I'm not that innocent !

   a              E       Am    
2.You see my problem is this,
          E        F                 Am             E     Am
    I'm dreaming away, wishing that heroes, they truly exist.
            E            Am                         F               E
    I cry, watching the days, can't you see I'm a fool in so many ways.
            F           E               F                 G         E
    But to lose all my senses, that is just so typically me, baby,      oh !
+ REFRAIN + Am ~   Am ~                     (Spoken) "All aboard"
"Britney, before you go, there's something I want you to have"
"Oh, it's beautiful, but wait a minute, isn't this...?" "Yeah, yes it is."
"But I thought the old lady dropped it into the ocean in the end."
"Well baby, I went down and got it for you.""Oh, you shouldn't have!"
 Am           G    Am       G            C          G    C                G-E
    Oops!.. I   did it again to your heart, got lost in this game, oh baby
Am            G    Am             G          C            Am       G
    Oops!.. you think that I'm sent from, I'm not that innocent 
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