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Not To Us

Chris Tomlin

Cifra: Principal (violão e guitarra)
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Tom: A
Intro:   A   D   F#m   E   D 
Verse:     A                                 F#m 
             The cross before me the world behind 
             No Turning Back, Raise the banner high 
                          D                A 
             It's not for me It's all for you 
   A                          D              
    Not to us    but to Your name    be the glory 

   F#m      E                 D
    Not to us    but to Your name    be the glory
After Chorus play:  A   D 
Verses 2, 3, and 4: play them the same as verse 1 just change the lyrics to this: 
Verse 2  
            Let the heavens shake and split the sky 
            Let the people clap their hands and cry 
            It's not for me it's all for You 
Verse 3  
            Our hearts unfold before your throne 
            The only place for those who know 
            It's not for me it's all for you 
Verse 4 
            Send your holy fire on this offering 
            Let our worship burn for the world to see 
            It's not for me its all for you 
      A                                      D 
The Earth is shaking, the mountains shouting, its all for you 
      F#m                    E           D 
The waves are crashing, the sun is raging, its all for you 
       A                                   D 
The universe, spinning and singing, its all for you   your 
   F#m              E              D                              A 
Children dancing, dancing, dancing, its all for you, its all for you 
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