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Down Low

Cifra: Principal (violão e guitarra)
Selo Cifra Club: esta cifra foi revisada para atender aos critérios oficiais da nossa Equipe de Qualidade.
tom: Bm
Bm   G     Em   F#

He's crawling thru your blood he's coming thru your cells...

when you don't protect yourself he strikes you

do you know who he is? He's the H.I.V

here we go check it out

Running through your blood intervening thru your cells

I'll be your worst nightmare so you can go on and tell

my duty is to take you from this earth,

let me tell you how I go to work

and how it hurts
In the 20th century they invented me

swallowed many medicines tackled many vaccines
still standing here on my own

and I can' wait to get up in your home
I'll destroy your life and even take your wife

so you better think twice before you pay that price...
I'm coming in a midnight creep

watch ya family weep

slowly puttin' that ass to sleep
I much grater as the dominator you and me

one on one You know I'm the remainer
hopefully I go down in history as memory

you know my name I'll be the H.I.V

Somebody please help me ‘cause I'm falling
I'm going down can't you hear me caling
Can't you see what's going on with me
       Bm                        F#
Oh I need someone to help me (I'll be the H.I.V.)     x2

Life is born from unprotected sex

Life is born sharing needles with the next

catch the context as i start to move it on

listen up out there to the facts of the song

no feelings when I'm coming to your heart

destroy your whole family just to do my part

can you hear me? Yo! you do

in 20 more seconds huh I'll be inside of you

slowly see his and her health begins to fall and sooner or later

I hear the phone call

Protect yourself or get you a partner that's true

or I'll be coming to you, pumpin it through

thanks to the media for givin me attention

and while I'm in your mind uh I like to mention

diseases of this world are family to me

'cos I'll be the one you hate, I'll be the H.I.V.

Is there anybody out there? Does anybody hear me?
Does anybody hear me falling?
Is there anybody out there? Oh, can´t nobody see?
Bm                                       F#
Can´t nobody stop me from falling?? (I´ll be the H.I.V.)
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