Cifra Club

Johnny Tarr

Gaelic Storm

Cifra: Principal (violão e guitarra)
Selo Cifra Club: esta cifra foi revisada para atender aos critérios oficiais da nossa Equipe de Qualidade.
tom: C
Intro: G   F   Bb   C   (play intro in gaps in varses)

   F         G                      F           G              F
Lemme tell you a little story about a man named Johnny Tarr
He was a hard drinking son of a preacher, always at the bar
Lager from the tap or shots of Paddy from the shelf
He could open his throttle and throw back a bottle as quick as the devil himself.... Johnny Tarr
    (play intro)
Word got around that Johnny Tarr was no pretender,
From Claire to here they'd lock up the beer when Jonny went on a bender,
Down at Dickey Mack's, the Rising Sun, or at the Swan
He was drinking at seven by ten to eleven well all the booze would be gone! Johnny Tarr! (Riff)

Chorus: (same as intro)
Even if you saw it yourself, you wouldn't believe it,
But I wouldn't trust a person like me, if i were you
I wasn't there I swear i have an alibi
I heard it from a man who knows a fella who says it's true!

It was nine in the morning, on a cold and rainy night,
Johnny rolled into the Castle Bar, looking to get tight
He had money in his pocket, he had whiskey in his eye,
He said: Get up off your asses and set up the glasses, I'm drinking this place dry!

Now all the serious boozers, they were soon broken hearted
When Johnny finished off six and he was only getting started
Guzzling down the pints, knokin' em back like candy,
He was lookin' alright to be drinkin' all night, then Nora brought out the brandy! Johnny Tarr!


Johnny drank the whole damn bottle, had another pint or two,
When it made no impression he started a session with Murphy's Millenium Brew
He was waiting for a pint when his face turned green;
Jesus, Johnny fell down after only fifteen!
You could have heard a pin drop, then the crowd let out a roar,
It took five Cork women to lift Johnny off the floor!
The doctor looked him over and said better call the hearse:
But it's not what you're thinkin' It wasn't the Drink' this man died of thirst! Johnny Tarr!

Chorus: X 2


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