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Ill Bill

Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

Imagine you were given one hour.
Exactly sixty minutes and zero seconds
to put your entire life and the world
around you in total perspective.
What would you say?
What would it sound like?

[Choir music (By The Waters of Babylon)]

By the waters the waters of Babylon
We lay down and wept and wept for Thee Zion
We remember we remember we remember Thee Zion

[Verse 1]

We've unraveled the Bible code, the rifle explodes
Demand attention like a knife in your throat
They're controlling the price of your soul
Titans of stone, psychic totalitarian
Biotelemetric mind control experimentation is various
Narcotics made to inflict pain and madness
Assassins with multiple personalities
Active with full access
A backstage pass to cover up spectacular assassinations
And arms deals across the axis
Another witch hunt, religious radicals with big guns
Big plans, invisible cameras built in Japan
CIA behaviour control scientists in the cults
And formed an alliance of cult leaders, also their clients
Tech-savvy hijacker associates bought planes
To practice, anxiously awaiting their global audience
Enter the core, I feel this with ease
The ultimate reality series, loaded with cameras, angles, and theories
Now hear me

[Chorus (The Road To Babylon by Manfred Mann's Earth Band)]

A golden helmet blinded minds
Among ten thousand swords
Along the road to Babylon
A golden thunder silenced songs
Among ten thousand voices
On the road to Babylon

[Verse 2]

This operation doesn't exist
The revolution will be classified
Live broadcast from the abyss
Our cities are crack spots and cardboard condominiums
Vicious and trackmarks cross minds lost in delirium
The towers dropped, blind fools, confusion who knew?
Now the world watch Saddam's execution on Youtube
Propaganda machines wage media Jihad
A teen walking to a crowded movie theatre with bombs
Reading the Qur'an, silently obedient to God
Known by many different names: Hashem, Jesus, and Allah
Exploding porn, shadow government protocols
Go to war amongst ten thousand voices on the road to Babylon
Patriot Act, sanctioned exorcism
Iranian and North Korean-built weapon systems
Budgets increase to payroll hundreds of creeps
Number of the beast, bomb London under the streets
The engineer was a popular peer
His value appeared to having nuclear weapons just shower the air
A thin line between power and fear
A martyr in tears, goodbye father
Now my final hour is here, help me

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