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Blood Meridian

Ill Bill

Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

Rip season begins
Murder murder, killer killer

I’m like l’amour’s in ‘85, pull out the sawed-off and spray mine
Lords of chaos perform the séance, burnt sherm up in the trees
Ill bill terminal disease, murder the police
Nuns giving blowjobs, gerbils in the priest
My drug cauldron like buzz aldrin, I’ll put you in a fucking coffin
And toss you off a cliff with a forklift
I’m awesome, so amazing, and so fortunate
So if you fuck with my family I might have to torture your kids
Cover the most villainous gang with carnivorous ants
Screaming in horror while they rip off their skin with their hands
People pay me over the average nation’s loss of default
Forcing baby stroller decapitation corporate recalls
Baptised in babylon born to run the landmine marathon
The lamb of god that killed camelot, roaming like a renegade
Samurai, sodomania, romania
Who rhymes zanier? I’m the king of mesopotamia

I’m manowar in ‘84, my shine is just sick
Legend of the third degree god, hiram abiff
Shut the fuck up, give me the drugs, I don’t resist
I’m mike vick, kill your dogs, lord violent as shit
I walk around with the ice grill god, y’all can’t stop me
Son of a widow of the tribe of naphtali
Otherwise known as the stone hiram abi
Bite the head off of the bat while I chant ozzy
See I’m the lion in the yard
My conduct in unfeigned piety to god
Yeah all of society is scarred
You talking to the wrong motherfuckers if propriety involved
I’m a mix of black sabbath and a black hebrew
How could something be so good that’s that evil?
I paint portraits of pain from arafat’s easel
The.38 in the waist because the mac diesel

Murder murder, killer killer
Rip season begins

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