Cifra Club

Tangled The Series - Set Yourself Free

Mandy Moore

Cifra: Principal (violão e guitarra)
Selo Cifra Club: esta cifra foi revisada para atender aos critérios oficiais da nossa Equipe de Qualidade.
tom: Gm
Bb   Bbmaj7   Bb7   Eb/Bb   F

[Verse 1]
Locked inside a tower
Kept behind a wall
Bb7                                Eb/Bb   F
Sheltered from a world you've barely known
That's the way they treat you
And what's worst of all
Bb7                               Eb/Bb
Who's to blame, just you and you alone

[Pre Chorus]
Ebm/Gb                          Bb/F
There's much inside of you than anyone can see
And now the choice is yours
Life waits beyond the doors
   Eb                                      D                         G    G/F
So step on through, the time has come, and only you can set yourself free

C/E                              Cm/Eb
No one else can tell you what to do
       D     G  G/F
Or who to be
C/E                            Cm/Eb
No one gets to say if you will stay or go
So use the gifts you're given
Make the world your own
Cmaj7                                F
Look inside your heart and find the key
And set yourself free!

[Verse 2]
Bound up by your worries
Trapped by your mistakes
Gm7                             Eb     Eb   F
Forced to play a role you never chose
Why not test your limits
You've got what it takes
Bb/Ab                          Eb/G
Let it out and follow where it goes

[Pre Chorus]
Ebm/Gb                         Bb/F
No more letting someone else define you to a tee
You know that you are strong
You've known it all along
   Eb                                        D                          G    G/F
So seize the day, let down your hair, you'll find a way to set yourself free

C/E                                Cm/Eb
Now it's up to you and what you'll do
        D         G   G/F
And who you'll be
C/E                           Cm/Eb
You get to decide how far and wide you'll go
So look to the horizon
Open up your wings
Cmaj7                 F
Fly away to find your destiny
                 Eb/C  F/C  Eb/C  F/C  Eb/C  F/C  Gm/C  Bb/C  G
And set yourself free
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