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Honky Tonky Mama

Merle Haggard

Cifra: Principal (violão e guitarra)
tom: C
If you go down to the bottom better watch the way you act, 
If you fool around them honkies you will never make it back. 
F                                              C 
When you get in troubly the best you can do is lose, 
        G                                             C 
Or them honky tonky moma's they'll give you the honky blues. 
I went down to the bottom just a week ago today, 
Met a honky tonky baby and I couldn't get away. 
F                                      C 
Lost all my money and brand new padded shoes, 
         G                                           C 
For them honky tonky moma's they had them honky tonk blues. 
I drank a half of pint a liquor and a half a pint of gin, 
Saw my honky tonky mama foolin around some other men. 
F                                             C 
Really felt mistreated my baby I was about to lose, 
    G                                             C 
Got jealous of my baby I had them old honky tonky blues. (Sure Did) 
She's a honky tonky mama got her honky tonky way's, 
She got me in trouble now I'm servin day's. 
F                                     C 
Big policmen got me would not turn me lose, 
        G                                           C 
Took me down to the station locked me in the county blues. (Good Mornin Judge) 
When I go back to the bottom gonna watch my p's and q's, 
Or them honky tonky mama's wil be givin me the blues. 
F                                            C 
Gonna have protection I think I have paid my dues, 
               G                                                         C 
I'll find me a honky tonky moma and give her back theses old honky tonky blues. 
(Repeat last line 2x) 
I kinda do my own things on songs and on this song if you want to 
spice it up a little play the bass strings back and forth. Also 
I put in little fills like to go from one chord to the next.  You 
can look in lessons for axehappy's fills and use them for help.
Composição de Jörgen Elofsson / Merle Haggard
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