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Hell Yeah

Neil Diamond

Cifra: Principal (violão e guitarra)
Selo Cifra Club: esta cifra foi revisada para atender aos critérios oficiais da nossa Equipe de Qualidade.
tom: B (forma dos acordes no tom de A) Capotraste na 2ª casa
     D                A         D          A
If you're thinking that my life is a hoot and a holler
                      E                      E
from the start of the day to the dark of the night
              E              A             D
and that it's ringing like a bell that you only wanna
      A               E                             A
gotta trust me when I say I'm just trying to get it
        A           D
Still I think about myself As a lucky old dreamer
       D                                           E
And if you're asking me to tell Is it worth what I
E7                                       A
You're going to hear me say Hell Yeah It Is

D            A               Bm                  E
And I say it loud I loved it all and I'm not too proud
  E        A         D      A
I freed my soul Just let it fly
A              E
Hell Yeah this crazy life around me It confuses and
confounds me
But it's all the life I've got Until I die
E            A
Hell yeah It Is

          D             A          D            A
If you're asking for my time Isn't much left to give
                        E                       E
Been around a good long while so I gotta say it fast
        E              A             D            A
Time is all we'll ever need but it's gotta have a
       A                E
You be careful how it's spent cause it isn't going to
           A             D
I hear you wondering out loud are you ever going to
make it
         D                                     E
Will you ever work it out Will you ever take a chance
E7                                     A
and Just believe you can Hell Yeah You Will

D                   A                 Bm           E
You're going to be okay You might get lost But then
you'll find a way
E         A          D   A
Don't go alone Can't be afraid
A              E
Hell Yeah this life is here And it's made for living
E                       E                   E

and loves a gift that's made for giving you Give it
all away and have it still
E                 A
And Hell yeah you will

          D           A           D             A
I've been livin' in a bowl with a lot of people
                      E                            E
with my feet on shaky ground and my head up in the sky
         E               A         D
But it's where I want to be It's a life that's made
for caring
        A                E                           A
Gotta a song to pass the day And a girl to share the
           A                D
So if they ask you when I'm gone was it everything he
         D                                       E
And when he had to travel on did he know he'd be
E7                                    A
You can tell them this: "Hell yeah he did"

D         A                 Bm                E
He saw it all He walked the line Never had to crawl
E          A       D       A
He cried a bit But not for long
A            E
Hell Yeah He found the life that he was after
E                 E                 E
Filled it up with love and laughter Finally gotta it
right and made it fit
E            A
Hell Yeah He Did
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