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Pick My Self Up

Peter Tosh

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Tom: D
D G F#m Em D 
Em F#m Em F#m 
D              A 
Sittin' in the morning sun 
Bm                    G            D 
And watching all the birds passing by 
Oh how sweet they sing 
     Bm         G                   D 
And oh how much I wish that I could fly 
And I try 
I said I try 
I try 
I really try try try 
But I got to 
D            G 
Pick myself up 
D            G 
Dust myself off 
D            G 
Start all over, again (Chorus 2x) 
Sittin' in the midday sun 
And wondering where my meal's coming from 
After working so hard 
Not even piece of bread at the yard 
And I said I try 
Oh Lord I try 
I try 
I really try try try 
Sittin' in the evening sun 
And watching the same birds passing by 
Sittin' and wondering 
And waiting for the time for me to fly 
And I try 
I said I try 
Good Lord I try 
I really try try try 
So long and I just find 
It was just a waste of time 
So long and I just find 
I been been wasting all my time 
I've got to pick myself up...
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