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I'm Flippin


Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

Early one morning, I woke up strong
Nothing on my mind but shit going wrong
If it ain't this it's that, if it ain't that it's this
Fuck it! I'm blowing my mind it's time to flip
I walk through the block thinking of dope rhymes
I see the posse everybody get three times
What's going crew?, What we gonna do?
We gotta get this dough before we all through
I just made a call to my man Tito
In an hour I'm gonna have a kilo
So yo, tell me are you with this?
Everyday is gonna be like Christmas
I'm a take shit to another level
And do the hustle with the motherfuckin' devil
I'm cold flipping nobody can stop it
I'm mad as hell without a dime in my pocket
I gotta do what I gotta do
I'm a real nigga with a fuckin' attitude
Look in my eyes see if I'm kiddin'
Now get the fuck out my face
'cause I'm flippin'...

...flippin' ...


[Verse 2]
I'm flippin' and the shit won't cease
I gotta get paid fuck the police
They don't give a fuck about me
TNT is getting paid weekly
And if they get in my way damn I'm gonna slaughter
Take a grenade and throw it in the headquarters
If they gotta go, they gotta go
I ain't playing, I still gotta pay Tito
They call me the enemy to the public
But what can I say except fuck it!
And stand in the drug zone
I'm known to be called the black Capone
Because I gotta it going now
I sleep with oozy by the door now
I paid my man right on time
I ain't no joke I had to get mine
Now I can do what I wanna do
And everybody in my crew is livin' large too
Now I really gotta flip
Because jealous motherfuckers be on some shit
We got a spot on every block
Niggas are mad 'cause that's where the buck stops
So I pull out the AK
And give it to my man in the hallway
It's all about money ain't shit funny
If somebody step to ya murder the dummy
And show 'em you ain't shittin'
The Feds might try to get me for what I'm kickin'
I'm flippin'...



...just flippin'...

[Verse 3]
Now I got stacks and stacks and I'm cooling
Because I knew where the fuck I was going
I stayed on the inside of the dark side
And took over the far side
And put it on wax so you could listen
I said fuck that and started flippin'...

...Yeah I like to say peace to all the brothers that be flippin'
Y'all know exactly what I'm talking about
This is the Poet, putting Queensbridge back on the map

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