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Love Takes Time

Robert Palmer

Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

If we could turn back time
If we could go back to the beginning
If we could rewind the clock
We could have timed it down to the minute
We had some words today
That blew the clouds away
They were long overdue
And now the air is clear
About the whole affair
Apologies from me to you

Time love and love takes time
If you deny love
You'll lose your mind
Just relax then you'll get it
'Cos your heart knows what's in it
And what goes around comes around
And don't you forget it

If we could turn back time
If we could go back to the beginning
Love is all compromise
But with some patience
You'll find your winning
It strikes like lightning
And changes everything
Your whole point of view
Opens all kinds of doors
So now my heart is yours
With compliments from me to you

(repeat chorus)

You can't rush it
It takes tender loving care
If you're gonna make it there
Through the ups and downs
You'll get turned around
Oh, but I'll hang in there with you

(repeat chorus)

Love takes time and it's worth learning
Love takes time to grow, my darling

Composição de M.Ambrose/R.Palmer/S.O'Neill
Colaboração e revisão:
  • Cammykaze

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