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New Orleans

Toby Keith

Cifra: Principal (violão e guitarra)
Selo Cifra Club: esta cifra foi revisada para atender aos critérios oficiais da nossa Equipe de Qualidade.
tom: Bb (forma dos acordes no tom de G) Capotraste na 3ª casa
Capo 3 
Intro: G D C D 
Verse 1 
G                   D 
He was twenty-five, she was twenty-eight 
He was home grown country 
She'd just pulled off the interstate 
    G                        D 
She bought a Dr. Pepper, ten dollars worth of gas 
        C                  D                   G        D   
She was obviously lost but too afraid to ask directions 
      G                         D 
So he offered her a smile and a stick of Beech Nut gum 
        C                                       D 
He said where you headed to girl, where are you coming from 
She said?(chorus) 

Refrão -------------
 G         D                   C     C-D (quick strums) 
New Orleans but that's another story 
 G         D               C 
New Orleans that's another time 
               D                    G     C     D 
That's another town, that's another life
 Verse 2 
G                      D 
First she stayed a day then she stayed a week 
Couple of months later 
They were living on his parent's street 
G                         D 
He worked the station and she worked the store 
And then they had a baby and 
D                  G                D 
Then they had one more little Jesse 
G                                    D 
When she dropped the kids off at the mother's day out 
All the ladies had their questions 
But knew not to ask about (Chorus) 
Verse 3 (same chords) 
Wednesday night supper at the First Baptist Church 
Stranger standin' in the doorway 
As they're passin' out the dessert 
He said go on and pack your bags 
Cause I'm here to take you home 
I'm goin' back to Louisiana 
And woman I ain't gonna go with out you 
There's a few defining moments in every person's life 
When you know what you've done wrong 
And you know what you've done right 
And before the congregation and her husband and her kids 
She says, "How dare you even speak to me 
After everything you did" 
That's another town, that's another life
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