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Green Spandex

Xavier Rudd

Cifra: Principal (violão e guitarra)
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tom: D
For those who want to try a different version to the tab already here, this is the way I play
it.  For the lyrics and structure of the song I have the author of the previous tab to thank,
all I've done is changed a few of the chords, and added a couple of bits and pieces.  
There are something like 4 different recordings of this song, so as always use this as a guide
and play it how you think it should be played, the number of recordings might be the reason
why this differs from the other version here, dont know which one I think Im playing, it
may be a fusion of a few, and of course it aint perfect ;)

Intro:  (not exact, fiddle with it as you wish) This is in the Live In Canada, and the EP
version, not in Solace or Good Spirit, but I like it :)

|3---3-33---33-3-33|  x2


Dunno if the last bit is hammer-ons and pull-offs or not, just do what you want.

The verse has the progression D, G, C, D 3 times.
The first D of each progression should include the hammer-on as in the very beginning of the


the last D should end with something simmilar to the very last bit of the intro.


D                             G
Well I guess this is, the rushed goodbye
C                                 D
That I thought would never come
D                   G
The woman who lit some light
C                     D
For a family in the dark
D               G
Staring at the, mi_rror
       C                    D
I see your smile through my own
D                  G
Spark imbedded deep inside
Will give me strength
Will give us hope

Bridge *
C         G                D   **
And I'll never lose your touch
C        G            D   ***
And I'll never lose touch

*If you want to, play the C and G in the bridge using the bottom few strings with a bit 
palm muting.
**  something you can add on after 'touch'
*** I think this is it anyway, play at 'touch'

Chorus  (fiddle with Dsus4 and Dsus2 combinations after the first 2 D's, similar to above)

Em          G            D
This will take me a while
Em             G         D
Because I miss your smile and I
C          G              D          G
I guess I knew your time would come
C               G           D
But for now I miss your smile

D                       G
Thank you for your loyal stance
        C                      D
Green spandex and crazy style
D                     G
Thank you for the happiness
    C               D
That you gave to our lives
D                       G
Although now our hearts are cracked
        C                      D
And our tears are slow to dry
D                               G
We must count ourselves the lucky ones
        C                       D
For we were with you in your prime


Chorus    x2
(Second time swap first two lines)

Instrumental with crazy Xavier harmonies

C       G       D
Please stay in touch
C             G         D
Cos I need you in my heart
C       G       D
Please stay in touch
C        G       D
I need your touch

Again i want to thank the other person who wrote the original version because thats what
learned this song from, this is the same one (literally copied and pasted) with my changes
 Just so know one reckons Im plagerising :p
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Outros vídeos desta música
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