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Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

[Big Voice] Yo, we're here to break down our science, know'mean?
You know what time it is?
[Lil Voice] Yeah, yeah, I know what time it is
[Big Voice] What time is it, is it coochie time?
[Lil Voice] Nah, nah, it's not Gucci time
It's time to speak the language of demigods
[Big Voice] Yo, Apathy, yo Soul - it's time to hear your business
Step to the mic, baby
[Lil Voice] Bounce with these cats

Yo, I got a problem with the mic, so I solve it like a man
Grab it by the neck and rock it as hard as I can
From Nike's on my feet, to the mic that I freak
MC's will agree that I'm precise on the beef
Fuck fronting, shut down pacs like game over
Consistently light shit up like chain-smokers
Flex and I melt down flesh like flamethrowers
Fresh is the dooky gold chain Kane showed us
Funny how your honey or your dame came over
When you were out last night, couldn't remain sober
You woke up in the morning with a bad hangover
I woke up, and bang a coocha til the day was over
It's like that, (like what?), like this
Motherfuckers try to dis get put on the hit list
Punch punks like I'm pugilist, yo catch the fist
When I be taking out MC's like dogs that need to piss

[Chorus x4]
Easily I approach, the microphone because I ain't no joke (joke)

[Celph Titled]
On a scale of one to ten, approximately I'm a thousand
Stomp thru your neighborhood, city, or project housing
I am something that you never seen before
Like your grandparents having sex behind close doors
I rhyme like a scavenger that hunts for his prey
And probably kill a dozen rappers and just call it a day
All I need is bitch that'll give me wet dreams
So I can get my rocks off like erosion in streams
I drop science like clumsy professors in auditoriums
And stretch niggas out like a motherfucking accordion
I make you look stupid like cruisin the back
You can cruise in the greyhound and I'll cruise in my jet
I'm impossible to beat like playing tic-tac-toe
Celph Titled is famous for spitting ill rap flows
Yo, me and apathy are like brothers since birth
You catch a bad one and get put under the earth

[Chorus x4]
Easily I approach, the microphone because I ain't no joke (joke)

Yo, I find your vital organs and put a machete there
Thug type nigga, but bitches say I'm a teddy bear
Al Capone style, bruising your back
Make you an interracial cat, have blue and half black
Block attacks with the raps that I spit on wack
Shit on cats, everything I flip on DAT's
Hits hard like Rocky's spits, cannot be missed
Your God be pissed, now I'm on some Nagasaki shit
And while your at work, I'll feed your bitch a sloppy dick
I got a hard drive, your mans got a floppy dick
The only time you have safe sex and be felt
Is if you jacked off in a car, wearing a seat belt
Your brains melts to mush, your girl felt the rush
Whens Ap's bounce and bust, the pelvic thrusts
Twist your spine, inflict despicable shit through rhymes
Critical, incredible, when crippling your pitiful mind
Pull out my nine and it's party and draw time
You signed the death mantra and bleed between the white lines
Crash the players ball, make the chandelier fall
Choke house guests with hors d'ourves made outta sea floors
And metaphors betta then yours, settle the scores
Leave cats wrapped up in medical gauze
You better applause, your feminism
I'll rip out your skeleton, and now ladies and gentlemens...

[Chorus x4]
Easily I approach, the microphone because I ain't no joke (joke)

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