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"Rappers are in danger"

[Apathy speaking over scratches]
You're now listening to the sounds of... Apathy
Emilio Lopez... yeah

I been official since I was sitting in the fetal position
I'm lethal when spitting, a genius getting people to listen
It's deeper than beef and the dissing, I'ma keep the tradition
Of speaking with wisdom, regardless if it's peace or it's fiction
The beat's an addiction, it seeps in my system, it's keeping me living
Whether it's freezing hotter than cooking ki's in the kitchen
You've seen what I get in, come through the speaker and hear them
Until they screaming and twitching, like I was seizure inflicted
Now my rhymes analyzed by policemen's suspicion, release my description
They try to catch me in the street while I'm slipping
They roll up on me, armed to their teeth with their ammunition
But release me when they find a mic's the only heat that I'm gripping
Prophets and philosophers have seen me in visions
In the ??? arisen, like Caesar or Jesus to give them precision with living
With everything from freaking with women to beating the victim
To teach him that biting speech is forbidden

"Rappers are in danger"

[Emilio Lopez]
I bag bitches, bad bitches ??? bitches
And I haven't even begun to stack riches
I sip glasses-es, with actresses, on mattresses
My other hand grabbing their brEasts and asses-es
My whips be the fastest-est, smoke mad s-spliffs
I need to have the chips that build NASA ships
You can't match my wit, you ass, I'm sick
I'm smooth with it, you probably harassing chicks
If I ruled the world, could you imagine this?
Mansions with landing strips, I'm planning this
I'm a smoker, but way more blunts than cancer sticks
If I think she dumb, I don't even answer tricks
No eye contact, strictly ass and tits
I can't love you, ma, not until my status (is) rich
Too impatient to sit through school classes-es
So I dropped out, to take over this rapping shit

[scratched and repeat to fade]
"Rappers are in danger"

You are now rocking...with Apathy

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Outros vídeos desta música
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