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The Janitor


Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, my mind is on display for you
A tour that's sort of morbid so this morning allow me to take you through
A janitor at a junior high
He plants a camera used to spy
On girls and boys
Records their voice
A beautiful thing
The song I sing goes

(I like little bodies)
I love little bodies
(Won't you help me find my puppy)
He's gotta be around here somewhere
(Come inside my van, I parked it right outside)
I probably have some candy inside my van
(So take a ride with me)

I wakeup while watching my neighbour do makeup
Binoculours follow her, God I'd demolish her
Watch her in front of a computer monitor
Jesus I hate her, she's talking to strangers
Who'd probably date her, but what would I say to her?
Intimidate her, sedate her, then strangle her
Now I just study her, fall deep in love with her
Not trying to fuck with her, just make a buddy her
Teach her that people are evil
See? Everybody is, especially me
I'll tie you up, beat you up
Chop you up, eat you up
I wanna marry you
What? Is this scaring you?
Wait 'till I take you out back and bury you
Deep in the ground, I know how it sounds
But trust me there's one of me in every town
Just be aware of me, where is he found?
In parking lots I'll park my van
Outside the mall beware the man
Who's ugly and creepy you've gotta believe me
The killer who's playing the Steve Miller CD
I'm smoking a cigarette hoping I intercept
Hoe's who are in to sex roaming the Internet
Late at night. His dream's to find a chick who's 15
Who's parents apparently don't pay attention
And so very carefully where will he mention
That they should meet
He said that he's younger
Girls now-a-days are dumb and get dumber


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