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She said she was sick of the city life
Sweet girl but the world made it a shitty type
When she was young she just wanted to be pretty like a model or an actress but
She had to work for her two kids
Father in jail serving time for two bids
Kids hungry askin mama where the food is
And she can see their hearts beating through their two ribs
Now she crying watching cribs
Cause her rents due soon in the one bedroom
And the kids kickin mama like I need some leg room, daddy gone
The babies might as well be test tubes
In the projects stuck, wishin they could just move to the country
I see her time to time tryin to make a little money
And makes me realize, shit, my life ain't that crummy
So one day I asked her how she deals with it
She said she she doesn't, she lets God, so she can fly

Fly, reach high and go
Wish on a star
Release your soul
Cause you know you can fly
Reach high and go
Wish on a star
Release your soul
Cause you know you can fly

He said he had a problem with commitment
And it was probably cause his paps was into pimpin
As a kid he called different women mama
So he grew up with some drama that he could never get out of
He was 18
Already hated life so he blazed trees
Make him ball but he bitched everyday it seems
And his grades was so bad, he never made the team
So he started slangin trees then he moved to coke
College coaches always noticed that the kid was dope
But he smoked too much
Dropped out of school, cause shit he didn't go to much
Til one day he overdosed with coke and such
I think about him time to time
And I realize how similar our past is
And how different my path is
One day I asked his dad how he deals with it
He said he doesn't, he gets high
So he can fly


He told me he was crushin and was stressin out
And he usually makes music just to let it out
He asked his mama bout it and she told him pray to God
She didn't notice that the faith was fadin from his mind
He tries to ignore the stress that he endures
Try to find some liberation but the pains indoors
He's feelin sore since the bills start comin
His stomach started rumbling
Paps causin growin pains
Ask his friends about it but
They don't know the pain
They just tell him roll a blunt
Try to smoke some hay
So he gets high hopin it will go away
But it doesn't shit is stuck is his head
Goes to sleep and the grief crawls up in his bed
Start trippin out thinking he should fuck with some meds
And he remembered what his granpa said when he was young
So he looked to the sky and asked God how come
I feel this pain time to time when I look in the mirror?
I realized that that guys me trying to see clearer
Tell God I hear him, and I know how to deal with it
Close my eyes till I find my spirit and just fly


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Outros vídeos desta música
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