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Daniel Johnston

Cifra: Principal (violão e guitarra)
tom: C
Intro: C  F  G

  C         Am      F                       G
If I had my own way, you’d be with me here today
       C              Am             F
But I rarely have my own way, I guess that’s why you ain’t here with me
        Am    G     F
And the librarian said:
  Am       G        F
"You can’t buy no respect"
          Am  G     F
I said: "Hey lady, what can you expect
          Am    G      C           F  G  C     F  G
when I’m lyin’ on the floor?"

          C                   Am            F          G
You’re a lovely lady but you don’t wanna be no girl of mine
          C                 Am              F               G
and the only thing you ever did for me was help me waste my time

       Am     G       F
And I saw you at the funeral
           Am            G       F
You were standing there like a temple
         Am      G        F
I said: "Hi, how are you? Hello"
       Am          G                C   F G     C    F  G  C    F G
and I pulled up a casket and crawled in…………Yes I did!

C            G            Am            Em
Climbed up a mountain and I looked around
F             C                      G
 some Kind Of Circus with all them clowns
         C           G              Am           Em
I said: "Hey wait a minute. Can we slow down a bit?"
      F          C           G
And I almost got hit by a truck
              C        G                  Am          Em
Well it just goes to show you that we’re all on our own
F                   C              G
 Scrounging for our own share of good luck
C         G              Am  Em
stab your brother in the back
F     G                  F  G  C    F  G  C     F  G  C
 and pick up your paycheck

C              Am                      F           G
Goodbye lonely heart Jolene, you never did work anyhow
      C           Am             F                G
I’m lookin’ for a nice girl, and I don’t want no cow

Am    G           F
  I’m heading out west
Am      G           F
  gonna find me the best
         Am          G           F
'cause I played the game, but I failed the test
      Am         G           C               F  G  C
If I can’t be a lover, then I’ll be a pest
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