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Queen Anne's Revenge

Flogging Molly

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You can't see the demons
Till the demons come calling for you
You're deaf to them screaming
Till they're standing right behind you
Blind to flames growing
Till they're growing all around you
Numb to fangs gripping
Until they're ripping into you
Your miles from safe harbor
Run, run , run, run, run away
The fire has reached starboard
On the Queen Anne's Revenge
Skull and bones and a serpents head
Are dancing with the madmen
On the Queen Anne's Revenge
Have a gargle with your demons and me
Walked the plank of the SS Seasick
Survived to only continue the curse
Marooned on a small sandy island
With neither bird, beast nor herb
Drums started beating
None there but the sun and the flue
And the horns of the demon
No time to decide what to do
You have to do things your own way
Run, run, run, run, run away
You'll have to find out the hard way
Drums started beating

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