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tom: A
¸,.-·´¨¯¨``· from BETWEEN THE LINES ·``¨¯¨´·-.,¸

Tabbed by: Luke Rounda
Email: luke at notus dot com

Updated 08/25/2006: should be pretty close to 100% accurate now.
TUNING -- Standard, Down One Whole Step (D G C F A D)

To play along with the record, you must tune your guitar down one
whole step from standard, give or take some production tricks that
may have left the guitars tuned slightly sharp or flat. In the
world of music majors, this is not a mistake, it's called "micro-
tonality." Either way it's a bitch to tune the guitar to, so my
recommendation is to use the pitchshifter function available on
many commerically-available sound editing programs (Cool Edit,
Audacity, pretty much anything with a multi-track view) to
tune the song to your guitar.

Effects used: whammy, light chorus and/or phaser, distortion/over-
drive. You can get by without a whammy, and I've shown the method
of doing so here, but it's not going to sound as clean or tuneful
as on the recording unless you're Superman (ie. faster than a 
speeding bullet).

Chorus effect is noticeable mostly on the lead lines, but the
rhythm parts have a vague but audible "ghostly" feel to them too,
suggesting that there may be some light chorus or phaser applied
to Som's part. Old Digitech products (like the XP-300 Space Station
that Som uses) sometimes color/compress the tone in weird ways and
leave digital artifacts; this may be what I'm hearing.

Your mileage may vary.

 intro/main riff
   Am       E5       F5              E5              Dsus

                               ^ tremolo picking throughout

 lead guitar
  ^ This part can also be done with a whammy set up one octave

 rhythm guitar after trempicking part 
|-----(0)(0)(0)-|R|       |------------------0--------------------|
|------0--1--0--|E|       |------3---3--5--3----------------------|
|---------------|P| then  |---------------------------------------|
|---/2----------|E|       |---/4---4------------------------------|
|-0-------------|A|       |-0-------------------------------------|
|---------------|T|       |---------------------------------------|
 repeat 3x

 bridge                           bridge lead
 ^ Rhythm should be easy to figure out. Make sure to strum the
   whole chord and arpeggiate as appropriate and it should sound


| /  slide up
| \  slide down
| h  hammer-on
| p  pull-off
| ~  vibrato/let ring
|  harmonic
| x  Mute note
| () ghost note (optional)
This is my interpretation of the song. As of this writing, there
prosecute or harm me in any way.

Comments, corrections, requests and everything else besides spam
are welcomed addressed to:

                               Luke Rounda 
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