Cifra Club

Devils Road

No Justice

Cifra: Principal (violão e guitarra)
tom: D
Intro D 
        D                                                                           A 
 I was ten years old, on my daddy?s farm, when that banker said it?s time to foreclose. He said, 
you haven?t paid your bills in damn near eleven months it?s time that you carried you load. Well 
my daddy worked hard nearly all of his life. Lord knows that dirt he stirred. Me and my little 
brother made sure that, that slamming door was the last thing that banker heard. 
                 G                                  D                        A              G 
 Cause you know some lines are for crossing while others are for traveling along. And that day we  
                         D                           A                      G 
took another path the devils road was well traveled on. Cause when you?re young you never plan on  
 D                             A                       G                         D 
looking back as you?re heart tends to drag you along. Everybody knows there?s a thin, thin line 
                 A (stop)                                  D 
between what is right. Well what?s right and what?s wrong 
D                                                                                          A 
Well my daddy came running when he heard that noise, he said boys what the hell have you done. He  
said, there are certain things in life that you can never take back, as he planted my 
granddaddy?s gun. Well that banker might not have been a very good man, but rest assured that boy  
               A                                                                       D 
deserved his run. The devil deals best in broken hearts and my daddy sure loved his sons. 
Chorus 2X 
G, D, A 2X ends on  A
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Outros vídeos desta música
Composição de Steven D. Rice / Tony Payne
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