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Dont Ask Me

Ok Go

Cifra: Principal (violão e guitarra)
Tom: B
2nd track off self titled albulm.  Cool albulm great lyrics. 
Just thought I'd be first to write a tab for something other 
than Get Over It!  StartStaticP*
Standard tuning
Easy song
Probably wrong
 ---------------------------- repeat
 ----------------------------   as
 --9-4-6-11-11-11-14-14-14--- needed

Quit acting so friendly. Dont nod, dont laugh all nicely
Dont think you'll upend me.  Don't sigh, dont sip your iced tea
Dont say "it's been a while." And dont flash that stupid smile
--9-4-6-4----------------------- x 2

Don't ask me, Don't ask me, Don't ask me, ask me, ask me how i've been
Interlude thingy - same as intro/verse
verse again
Dont think I've forgotten.  You never liked that necklace
So cordial, so rotten.  Kiss, kiss, let's meet for breakfast
Don't show up so on time.  Don't show up so on time
Don't act like you're so kind
bridge-no guitar
Don't sit there and play just.  So frank, so straight so candid
So thoughtful, so gracious. So sound so evenhanded
Don't be so damn benign.  And don't waste my fucking time
End on

well...i think it sounds okay.  -Dawn
Composição de Damian Kulash, Jr.
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