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You're Mine

Robert Palmer

Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

You ought to get those kisses patented
You'd make an awful lot of money
I'll get you covered by American Express
You won't go anywhere without me
There's no escape, you're mine
Hands off

Mine to have and mine to hold
I'll reserve you for my own
Credit you to my account
You're mine, hands off

I'll pre-empt your runnin' round
Freeze your assets to the ground
Claim you for my very own
You're mine, hands off

I'm gonna pamper you
Just like a thoroughbred
Try to escape me if you doubt it
I'm gonna do a tricky number on your head
You'll wonder how you lived without it
Make no mistake, there's no way out
You're mine, hands off

You're my special property
I want you exclusively
I'll have your monopoly
You're mine, hands off

Soon as I pin you down
It's nine points of the law
I'm taking title with your capture
I won't go sharing you
With anybody else
I'm gonna wrap you up in rapture

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