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Tomes Of Acrimony


Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

Etched within the centuries,
bequeathed upon the generations
Litanies guide the baneful,
serve the scourge of enmity
Inheritants taught nothing less
than absolute superiority
Resurrecting what time has seen, pontificating savagery

Echoes of ignorance
Scrolls of hatred and prejudicial idolatry
Words of malice scald the culture while raping society

Spoken tales defile all purity
History enshrines the absurd
Forced to relive the insanity relive
Revert the passages of time, unearth archaic ways
Reset epoch's once dispersed, enslave rationality
Exhibit the bleeding of man's ancient wounds
Share this misguided pain,
conjure the demons of the past

Defy, fall to no demigod
Blasphemous their theologies
Inquisitions punish sinners, justify the genocide
Cleanse the bastards, slay the torrid,
rid the land of stained skin
Words of insolence ordain the future
Plauge the seed of morality
Behold.....the tomes of acrimony

Coercion steers domination, campaign segregation
One feasts the victors fruits,
serfs gorge the ample dirt
Last gasps, stifled by the blood
of intolerance's wrath

Defy, beseech no demigod
Subordinate, all distant creeds
One creator to punish sinners, capitulate genocide
Denounce the bastards, slay the torrid,
slay all sons of stained skin
Words of ignorance defend no logic
Fuel the flames of idiocy
Behold.....the tomes of acrimony

Composição de Suffocation
Colaboração e revisão:
  • Leandro Rosa

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