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For My Lady

The Moody Blues

Cifra: Principal (violão e guitarra)
Tom: C
G                          Dm 
My boat sails stormy seas, 
             C                                         G 
Battles oceans    -    -    filled with tears. 
At last my port?s in view, 
                C                             G 
Now that I?ve discovered you. 
                                           C                     Em 
         (Chorus)  Oh, I?d give my life so lightly 
                                            Am       Em 
                             For my gentle lady. 
                                           Dm                          G 
                             Give it freely,    And    Completely, 
                             To    my    Lady. 
     G                         Dm 
As life goes drifting by, 
            C                                      G 
Like a breeze   she?ll gently sigh. 
And slowly bow her head, 
                       C                       G 
Then you?ll hear her softly cry.           (Chorus) 
    Fm                                            C 
Words that you say when we?re alone, 
         Fm                                           C 
But actions speak louder than words 
        Fm                          C 
But all I can say is; ? I love you so.? 
  Dm                          G 
Drive away all my hurt.                 (Chorus) 
         G                      Dm 
Set sail before the sun 
                  C                             G 
Feel the warmth, that?s just begun. 
Share each and every dream, 
            C                        G 
They belong to every one.               (Chorus)
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    Composição: Ray Thomas

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