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Amazes me

Elton John

Cifra: Principal (violão e guitarra)
exibições 2.521
Tom: D#
intro: Eb  Ab  |  Eb  |  G/B  |  G7  |  Ab  |  Gm Bb7  | 
Eb            Ab     Eb 
You're a cool little one 
My dark southern breeze 
Ab             Db Ab 
Sweeps through my fingers 
And it amazes me 
Dixie shadowland 
Your envy shelters me 
Ab       Db   Ab 
Lay down your burden 
Mystery of ebony 
       Ab/Eb  Eb 
And it amazes me 
Oh it amazes me 
Bb        Ab        Fm7           Eb 
Maybe the heat babe could be this tune 
It amazes me 
    Cm    Bb 
It amazes me 
Ab   Gm     Fm Eb            Bb             Ab 
What drives me crazy is that big fat yellow moon 
Eb      Ab        Eb 
Look up that pale light 
Well she's waking the trees 
Ab              Db   Ab 
I'm drifting in your hoodoo 
And it amazes me 
That magnolia state 
Got a hold on me 
Ab             Db Ab 
I got no blues to preach 
Just Mississippi company 
to Chorus 
Db             Ab 
Ain't no magic potion 
   Eb             Bb 
No gri-gri on her side 
      Db             Ab 
She's bound to my salvation 
Sweet little mama 
        F7/A                Bb    Cm   Dm 
Take me down by the river tonight 
Bb7     Ab    Eb 
And it amazes me 
instrumental break: use verse chords starting with G7 
then to Chorus-then coda 
Ab            Eb 
And it amazes me
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