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Come Dance With Me

Frank Sinatra

Cifra: Principal (violão e guitarra)
Selo Cifra Club: esta cifra foi revisada para atender aos critérios oficiais da nossa Equipe de Qualidade.
tom: Em
          Come dance with me    Sammy Kahn / James van Heusen
E|----------------------------------------------------------------| 1959---------------
Tabbed by: Mike Lydiat

Frank Sinatra version in Ab - capo 1 to play along:

I've included the chords for an intro though I've not found it recorded by anyone yet - but
if you follow this link you get an interactive sheet music page which will play it for you:

Turns out that the intro chords are quite a bit harder than the rest.
Come back to them when you find the tune.

 [Intro chords]
   Bb Bbaug Bb6 Bb7 Eb6 Ab7 D Bm Gmaj7 Gmmaj7 F#m Eb9 D6 Cdim Em7 A7 Am7 D7

  [Verse chords]                     [Chorus chords]
   G Gdim D7 A9 Am7 Em Fdim D Bm7 Em7  G7 Dm7 Bm6 C Cm Cmmaj7 Cm7 F7 Bb Am7 D7

          Bb                Bbaug
There are three new movies op'ning tonight,
  Bb6               Bb7
A baseball game, a championship fight,
  Eb6              Ab7
A big band concert under the stars,
      Bb      Ab7    Bb
And a rodeo,  Midget racing cars,
    D             Bm         Gmaj7   Gmmaj7
For some gals and gents the above   events
           F#m   Eb9     D
hold their own vicarious charms,
    D6                 Cdim
But I'd rather go to a place I know,
            Em7      A7    Am7   D7
Where I can hold you in my arms!

[Verse 1]
G                    Gdim    D7            Gdim   G
Hey there cutes, put on your dancin' boots and    come dance with me,
A9              Am7         D7      G   Gdim Am7   D7
Come dance with me, what an evening for some terpsichore.
G              Gdim   D7              Gdim G                  Em Fdim
Pretty face, I know a swingin' place, so   come on dance with me,
D    Bm7        Em7     A7      Am7    D7
   Romance with me on a crowded floor.

              G7     Dm7          Bbm6   G7             C
And while the rhythm swings, what lovely things I'll be sayin',
    Cm      Cmmaj7      Cm7    F7           Bb     Am7    D7
For what is dancing but making love set to music, play - ing.

[Verse 2]
G               Gdim    D7              Gdim   G              A9
When the band begins to leave the stand and    folks start to roam,
Am7        D7                         B7      E7
As we walk home, cheek to cheek we'll be,
Am7                                        D9         G
Come on, come on, come on, come on and and dance with me
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Outros vídeos desta música
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