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Siberian Breaks


Cifra: Principal (violão e guitarra)
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tom: C
PARTE 1 (00:00)

Am Cmaj7 Am Cmaj7
Bbm Cm Bbm Cm


Am           Cmaj7
Sleep as the goer
Am                          Cmaj7
the bridge that watches the light speed thru
Bbm                 Cm
and cries while the spirit stumbles
Bbm                         Cm             Amaj7
and inside missile for the protection of you

Am         Cmaj7
maybe it's siletn
Am                   Cmaj7
the voice can't bear anymore strain
Bbm               Cm
but speak without even knowing
Bbm                 Cm
and streams outside in the direction of truth

Amaj7 Em
Amaj7 Em


PARTE 2 (01:26)

Gm         C                 Dm
there's no reason there's no secret to decode
Gm           C                 Dm            G
if you can't save it, leave it dying on the road
Gm         C                 Dm
wide open arms can feel so cold
so cold
        Em       F#
feel so cold

D C#m Bm E

PARTE 3 (02:10)

balance the books, the ledges, the loons
Asus4                        F#m
the disappointed look on the faces
that squint at the moon
      C#m                 Bm
let's see it with shadows enhance
         C#m            D
and then vote to decide who'll advance
silver jet plane, making a turn
                        F#m                          E
exciting the brain that expects it to crash and then burn
         C#m                 Bm
it's not the life lesson I'd've guessed
          C#m                   D
if you're conscious you must be depressed
Asus4                 C#m
or at least cynical
but someone might still eat the steaks
even if they're tough
spending the day
chewing the fat
Bm                  E                  Asus4
floating away isn't roguh but it's not enough
oh marianne, pass me the joint the sandpaper's tan
F#m                         E
go-getters are surfing the point
    C#m               Bm
and london's a cratch on the lens
     C#m            D
it's over before it begins
silk 'round her neck falls down to her shoulders
                      Fm                      E
the older I get, the more I suspect there's a trick
    C#m                       Bm
but really there's no trip at all
     C#m                 D
that doesn't result in a fall
     Asus4       C#m
or a faltering
but something might spit out the bait
even if it's real
rolling away
missing a spoke
Bm                         E                  Asus4       C#m
close to the ground like a wheel but it's not enough
holding the line
clutching the phone
Bm                E                   Asus4
nobly wasting the night, but it isn't right
it's not right
smelling for blood
praying for rain
Bm                 E                   Asus4
running away isn't rough, but it's not enough


PARTE 4 (04:56)

Eb              Gm                    Cm       Fm      Cm
the low tide is telling me, when it's over,
Bb            Dm         Gm
to breathe in everything exposed
Eb                Gm            Cm       Fm      Cm
and comes back to cover me in a blanket
Bb           Dm              Gm
being here's always changing tunes

Cm Bb F F7
Dm G Am Gm

PARTE 5 (06:08)

Dm G7 Am Am/G Em A7 x4

Dm        G7                   Am             Am/G   Em A7
the empty sky surrounds me but i can't see at all
Dm        G7               Am       Am/G   Em A7
wide open arms can feel so cold
Dm          G7                Am                 Am/G   Em A7
and you can sit beside me and tell me what it's worth
Dm           G7               Am     Am/G   Em A7
but I hope I die before i get sold
Dm           G7           Am      Am/G   Em A7
I hope I die before I get sold
Dm         G7               Am     Am/G   Em A7
I'd rather die before I get sold

PARTE 6 (08:22)

   Dm           C             G
if you find the soul that you lost
E          Am
frozen in a starry void
Dm      C                   G
take it within and hope the sight of blood
can will signs of life to return
Dm          C           G
back to the way that it was
E              Am
long before it made a noise
Dm         C       G
to keep on quietly reminding you
what's never created or destroyed

Dm7   Cmaj7

PARTE 7 (09:12)

Am          Cmaj7
wake as the swell peaks
    Am                      Cmaj7
the close-outs drowning the birds with roars
Bbm                 Cm
and howls scare the new unkindness
     Bbm             Cm              Amaj7
that picks and laughs at the carrion scene

Am         Cmaj7
forces you see breath can
Am             Cmaj7
always go into hiding
Bbm              Cm
and wait 'til it passes over
Bbm                      Cm
or stay far gone for all eternity

A G#m (repete até o final)
Composição de Andrew VanWyngarden / Ben Goldwasser
Colaboração e revisão:
  • Luana Vernice
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