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Miranda Lambert

Cifra: Principal (violão e guitarra)
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tom: A (forma dos acordes no tom de G) Capotraste na 2ª casa
Capo 2 

  G                                 Cadd9  
I bet this road will take me out of here 
G                        Cadd9 
Take me far away from Amarillo 
  G                 D 
I bet this car will go real fast 
The wheels might even drive me past 
    G               D              Cadd9   G 
The places that you said I'd never go - ohhhh 
    G                                 Cadd9 
The Texas sky is the biggest one I've seen 
       G                                  Cadd9 
But it still ain't big enough for you and me 
G                   D                Cadd9  
All the things that make you mad and all the baggage in your past 
      G                     D               Cadd9 
Don't leave much room for a girl like me to be 
        G                D                 G 
So I'll fill her up with hope and worn out dreams 

Refrão -------------
I'll grab the wheel and point it west 
Pack the good and leave the rest 
I?ll drive until I find the missing piece 
You said I wouldn't get too far  
On a tank of gas and an empty heart 
But I got everything I'll ever need 
           G                D                G  
I got this old guitar and a brand new set of strings

Mama said I never should have done it 
Should have ended us before we ever started 
Daddy knew about my pride so he stood there 
and he smiled inside  
and I pretended that I didn't notice 
a little tear that fell when I said I was going 

     D                              Cadd9   
I've worried about life and if it's right and right on time 
  D                                    Cadd9            D 
I guess if you don't jump you'll never know if you can fly 
2nd half of Chorus
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