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Underworld: The Fallen And The Butterfly


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[1. The Battle Ends]
[On the battle for power between Zeus & Hades, Hades is defeated. During the sad return to his domains, the innocent game of Eros and Afrodita comes in his way. An arrow will decide his future feelings. It is then when he crosses looks with Core and desire needs to be fulfilled.]

[2. A mighty crash]
[Zeus tries to stop Hades, but this time nothing will prevent evil from happening. He'll accomplish his will at any price; it goes beyond power and reason. Core will be his.]

My ambition, you may put to an end
But not what my heart needs
You may have won a battle
You won't win twice in a day

Who do you think you are?
Take what's left of your deadly legions
And get back to the hole you came from

I've come to take what is mine
I don't need your approval
You'll regret having come today
You've won the Earth, you lose something you love

You are playing a game you can't win
I'm the one who writes the rules
You will face the punishment you deserve
You'll crawl asking for forgiveness
There's no place you can hide

Guiding his horde of death
He returns to the place where souls are condemned
New troops of doom enrolled after the war
Even in defeat he has won

The abyss within his blackened soul
Consumes and isolates him
A threat arises, unholy desires
Will bear the Light to exile

I'm a slave of my own needs
Out of control, out of my mind
A nightmare I live, I can escape
I'll return to claim what is mine

He wants to get rid of the inner pain
Inflicted by the game of Beauty and Love
An arrow stroke and cursed his heart
Slave to her love, touched by her sight

There's only one way to satisfy my desire
She'll be powerful by my side
But still I can't reach her; it burns in me
I know she wants to come; she'll come to me

Goddess of evil, queen of the dark
Lady of souls in despair,
Under the guide of your will
Reign for all time among us

For all time!! - She'll come to me

[3. Dark Thoughts From A Dark Heart]
[Between shadows, Hades' wounded heart fights to be heard, Core will be by his side, and her will forever will be obeyed, no matter what. Blinded by love, Hades is ready to be on his way.]

In my dreams I feel you
You live in my reveries now
But soon, here in the underground, you'll be queen
Queen of all you see, and all you feel

I belong to you; you have to get to me
You belong to me; I'll get to you

All light on earth vanishes
There'll be no escape for her now
And so the land opens,
And so I unleash my wrath

The undead will be one with me
No one will get in my way
There's nothing that can stop me now
So I'll fulfil what's to be done

And in my carriage
Ride by black stallions
I'll leave with no breath
The one that I belong to

Nor her tears nor her pain
Will stop my commitment
And I won't fail to the image of her
I'll follow my will

'cause the will of my heart goes beyond my mind

[4. And So, It Happens]
[Hades, followed by his hordes, appears in front of frightened Core. Firmly he takes what his heart asks for, to make her queen of his world, the Underworld.]

[Lord Of The Underworld's Theme]

And the sky turned black and with a mighty roar
the earth cracked

And his will embraces her soul
as she meets her fate

And suddenly, coming out of the night
I feel it coming for me. I feel it's coming. But why?
A strange feeling arises from the depths of my fears
Bursting me into tears

But why...
I can't free myself
No chains or ties but a sweet caress
I can't understand it
It's leaving me defenceless

[5. Nine Days]
[With Core by his side, Hades tries to win her confidence offering her power, a kingdom and his love. He won't stop against anything, but it won't be easy.]

I offer you my heart
Sit by my side on your queen throne
And rule for ages to come
This dark World that I give to you

Hours were days and days were eternal dreams
Confusing her mind seeing her beloved captive
Though in his black heart his evil nature still alive
Would have to corrupt her soul, condemn her to his side

Wipe the sadness from your face
You'll learn to love your new reign
Ask what you will but your freedom
You're now prisoner of my heart

Prisoner of my heart!

Confusion tears running along her cheeks
Lost in the immensity of darkness in the Underworld reign

Show no fear when you deliver on to me
Let me carry you between the shadows
Feel the power within you
Feel the flame inside of me

Your face will show no more fear
and your severe look will turn
no more light in your days
stay by my side - by my side

[6. Doubts Are Seed]

[Solo Carlos]
[Solo Jordi]
[Solo Carlos]

[7. Hermes Journey]
[Hermes delivers the message to the Lord of the Underworld. It is necessary to let her beloved Core go free the world from the consequences of his acts.]

Through skies and seas
He is sent to deliver the message from the Father of Gods
The threat was received by the Lord of the Underworld

[Solo Carlos]
[Solo Miguel]

[8. Tasting The Forbidden Fruit]
[Nine days and nine nights Hades had to get Core's heart, but it wasn't until she was starving to death that the inevitable happened, she ate the forbidden fruit, condemning herself forever.]

For days starving she has been
she'll succumb to the traitorous hunger
Then forever she'll be mine, mine and none other
We both know the forbidden fruit is cursed
to those that don't belong here
Eating it means you'll be condemned forever,
I'll wait for you to fall

The damned fruit from the dark abyss,
although she knew the danger she was facing,
was the only way Core had to satisfy her hunger
She knew she'd be condemned if she ate it
And doubts had been seed inside her
Her pure mind started to crumble
And the world fell over her, darkening her mind

As you breathe the vicious air
A part of him takes control of you
Fight and consume your hopes of freedom
Soon your soul mine will be

[9. The Underworld]
[Hades shows Core, now Persephone, the reality of her new reign, and she observes from her throne, she likes it.]

No day no night, no sand dripping hours
Time belongs to him and to the dreams of the condemned
Covered by hate and fear are the darkened walls
Covered by the blood of inside crawling sadden souls

[10. Meeting The Light]
[What then was the need to leave now is doubt. Core knew her place was by her mother, but Persephone is now the one on the way to Demeter.]

Held captive no more
I've been released to meet the Light

But why?
I'm not sure I want to leave
Something has grown inside of me.

But why?
I no longer feel helpless
No longer feel defenceless

I'm not sure where my place is anymore...

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