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Cifra: Principal (violão e guitarra)
Selo Cifra Club: esta cifra foi revisada para atender aos critérios oficiais da nossa Equipe de Qualidade.
tom: Cm
Cm      Fm   Cm                           Ab       Cm
I don't care,   they say my angel glow is subsiding
    Ab                       Cm
I'm sliding outside of these high beams and I won't dare
Try to mend this tear, I love I'm fading
The good once there is just dying
So I'm withering away and I'ma trigger when I spray
And I'm attacking everybody till the feeling's gone!

[Verse 1-Tech N9ne]
Cm                               Gm
All my life I loved with people, so passive back then
Cm                                Ab
I thought I'd be above this evil, my tolerance level
Then was up with doves and eagles, currently I've
Hit ground zero under bugs and beetles
Gm          Cm
I'm tilted, inside my head's a lettuce but wilted
Gm         Cm            Gm
Serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine I spilt it
Could it be how many times I've been ran over and jilted?
Gm                  Eb      Ab                              Gm
That makes me wanna totally detach from light and just kill shit

[Hook 1-Corey Taylor]
I'll know when the pain is gone
B                                    Db     Cm
It's just a matter of time before my bosses win
And I can feel the wrong
B      Fm             Db                 Cm
Coming up through the cracks of my heart again
Cm                  Gm Cm
I'm holding on, I'm go-ing
B        Ab                 Eb
Straight into the mouths of makers
Ab                       Eb            Cm
Everything that keeps me calm was taken
I'm letting go, I'm burning through, reserves are low
Just pushing on these old restraints
Eb                           Cm
My time is up cause it's too late

[Bridge-Tech N9ne]
Cm                  Eb  B            Em
I'm about to blow up on anyone in my way
Cm                         B
My anger's set to show up, at any time today
Am                   Eb Cm
I'm about to blow up on anyone in my way
Db                         Eb
My anger's set to show up, at any time today

[Verse 2-Tech N9ne]
Cm                                Gb            Db
I am lookin' for some fire, yeah, putting on my gang attire
B                               Db
Drooling and blood I can taste, so get the fuck outta my face
      Cm                                Gb                       Db
I'm a killer with a quick switch, yeah, all I ever really wanted was bliss
B                           Db                       Gb
Look at me wither to waste, so get the fuck outta my face
     Cm                             Gb              Db
Find another one to get bent, yeah, and it ain't no stoppin' this
                         B         Em                    Db
Lovin' the thrill of the chase, so get the fuck outta my face
         Cm                              Gb              Db
N9ne's a nigga with the sick-ness, yeah, and it ain't no blockin' this
                      B                              Am
It doesn't matter the race, just get the fuck out my face
Am     Gb
Going, withering away
B      Bb
Going, withering away
Db     Gb
Going, withering away
Db           Eb
I gotta say, when my mother died, I really did inside
Db                              Bb
And that's the other thing that did it
Turning my crazy on a hundred babies gonna plummet
Db                 Bb
Maybe I should be committed

[Hook 2-Corey Taylor]
Bb                 Gb
What am I supposed to do?
Db             Bb                                   Gb
Do I just keep faking? fucking forsaking everything I am?
Db                                  Bb
Another pissed mother fucker with a fist and a plan
Oh but you're making me do this
Db           Bb
I can scream while you stand there clueless
If you're listening I've made up my mind
Take another step and I'll snap this time!

[Verse 3-Tech N9ne]
                              Gb     Bb
Something please save me, I'm losing myself
I don't think I wanna stop it, but the feeling inside is nauseous
I get really exhausted off it, gotta find a way to wash it lock it
Profit matter so I got to drop it, ain't nobody in the cockpit
Toss this lostness, people from the office boxes
If you cross this boss live cautious
Don't make me, don't make me repeat myself
Cm               Gm                 Cm
For your safety, because a pilly is beneath my belt
But I don't wanna do anything bad to anybody
But I'll never be perfect
Eb                 Ab
So I'ma say to the people that got a little evil comin' at you from me
I think they deserve it
Db     Gb
Going, withering away
Going, withering away
Going, withering away
Straight, literally snappin' out
        Gb                Db                           Bb
My lady backin' out cause I'm becoming really mean and vicious
Watching me wither, how can I give her
Gb         Db                         Em
Blood when I been so tainted by these bitches

[Hook 3-Corey Taylor]
Em         Gb
We are the arsenal
Db                     Bb
Chemically imbalanced, completely disposable
So butter my knuckles and taste it
Db                      Bb
Another sick delinquent is wasted
I don't forgive, I don't forget
Db                    Bb
I haven't got time to regret
Everybody else in the world can hate me
Nobody but me can save me!

[Outro-Tech N9ne:]
Gm           Db
Shit, Yates, hates, this, place
If they close enough for me to hit the switch
Cm                           Db
I'm willing to never turn it on
I got the feelin' I'm gonna be comin' and killin'
There gonna be reelin' the evil in front of a psycho
Cm                    Bb
And them who mentally gone
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