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Sailing Ships


Cifra: Principal (violão e guitarra)
tom: G
 / = slide (up)

 \ = slide (down)

 h = hammer on

Timing: |-1-2-3-4-1-2-3-4-|

Intro/verse bit

  Am                G                 C   G   Am7 G     Fsus2

  G                 F     E           Am        Dadd4 (I think :))

                                      Am        Dadd4   Am7
Repeat, but for the last 2 bars:    |-----------------|-----------------|

Bridge bit 
                    (I Think :))
  Dm        Dsus2   DmAdd6            C/D               F

  Bb                Csus4   C         G

Play the intro/verse bit four times through the verse. There are some 
minor variations here and there (mostly those last two bars). If you're 
picky... Well, sorry, but I'm not, so you're on your own with those. Play 
the bridge bit through the 'Take me with you' part, but for the last bar 
grab a pick and play:


Chorus bit (Well, you don't _have_ to use a pick here, but I do)

                            (I think :))
  EmAdd9            G       Aadd2add4

4 times, followed by:

  (I think :))              (I think :))
  Am7sus2           C       Dadd4add6

2 times, followed by:

  C                 D                 Asus2
                                       (strum chord)


The author's notes:
I tabbed some Whitesnake songs a few years ago, and to this day people
mail me saying they've found them and liked them (!) and they all ask if I 
have a tab for the song Sailing Ships from the Slip Of The Tongue album. I 
don't know the whole song but I sort of know the acoustic bits in the first 
half of the song and now I've finally gotten tired of writing 'sorry, I 
haven't written it down' to those people so here it is. It should take you 
through the first two verses and choruses, to where the drums enter. (At
approx 3:30 of the 6:02 minute song, so hopefully this is a large enough 
bit to put into the archive ;))

Sailing Ships by Whitesnake
From the album Slip Of The Tongue
Lyrics and music by David Coverdale & Adrian Vandenberg (I think)

Let most if it ring. If in doubt, listen to the album. You'll probably
want to fingerpick the intro/verse and bridge bits. Steve Vai is what's
known as a 'musician', and as such he adds some strange notes to chords 
here and there. My music theory knowledge is not what it could be and hence 
the chord names might be complete bollocks and should not be taken as gospel.
(And that goes for the actual tab as well. This is just how I play it,
if you find mistakes pat yourself on the back and play it your way ;))

The notes inside <> are supposed to be natural harmonics. I find
it easiest to hold my pinky stretched over the fifth and seventh
fret and touch all the strings lightly for each note I play, but
everyone's hands do not look like mine so see what's comfortable
for you. Just be sure not to mute any strings with the finger 
fretting the A string.

Next, play the verse/intro once for the little solo, and twice for 
verse 2 (with minor variations), play the bridge, and the chorus and 
you're at the place where little Stevie Vai stops playing acoustic 
and where I stop playing altogether since I haven't learnt the rest 
of the song. Hope this bit is of some help to someone, even if it's 
not the whole song.
By Felipe
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