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History Of Our Love

Daniel Johnston

Cifra: Principal (violão e guitarra)
tom: D
A            G      
   She was apart from me
A                   G
   I found another girl for awhile
A                 F             
   It didn't work out
A                G
   I was just a loser
       D    F
Poor loser
 A                 A7+
Love -  It let me down
Like a nightmare
              D      F  G
You weren't around

 A                A7+
Love - There was none
Probably somewhere else
              D     F  G
There was no fun
A              G
   No one was there
A                 G
   I thought  ' what's the use '
A            F   
   'Til I found out 
A               G
   I'd lost her again
        D    F  
It's a sin
  A     A7+
Love   -    It disappointed me
I thought it was true
               D       F  G
It was taken from me

 A         A7+
Love - Oh can't you see
Someone lied to me
          D      F  G
Oh how I suffer

A               G
If there's any justice
A        G
Let it be forever
A               F              
Some fear that justice 
A            G 
   could be never
          D     F  
But it's ever
 A         A7+
Love - It kept me goin'
To make it through 
           D    F G
my broken life

 A             A7+
Love - I had a chance
But it was gone 
            D      F  G
before I knew it

She must have been watching
'Cause I walked all through the town
Looking for love without knowing
That everybody put me down
Like a clown

Love - It's around for any fool who believes
Love - It's beautiful
It relieves the saddened heart

I saw her long ago
Pretty flowers in her hair
She worked at the funeral
I wondered if I could get a discount on a mount

Love - You were my friend
And I remember you from way back when

Love - You were my shining star
I haven't really gone that far off that path
Composição de Daniel Johnston
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