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Be Kind

Devendra Banhart

Cifra: Principal (violão e guitarra)
Tom: A
Album: nino rojo (2004)

Piano (0:04)   Bass  (0:05)
e -------     e ------------|
B --7-5--     B ------------|
G -------     G ------------|
D -------     D ------------|
A -------     A ------------|
E -------     E --0--5-5-5--|

    d  u    d  d  u    d  d  u       d  d  d
e --2--2-x-----2--2-x-----2--2-x----(2)(2)(2)--|
B --2--2-x-----2--2-x-----2--2-x----(2)(2)(2)--|
G --2--2-x-----2--2-x-----2--2-x-----2--2--2---|
D --4--4-x-(4)-4--4-x-(4)-4--4-x-(4)-4--4--4---|
A --4--4-x-(4)-4--4-x-(4)-4--4-x-(4)-4--4--4---|
E --2--2-x--0--2--2-x--0--2--2-x--0--2--2--2---|

    d  u    d  d  u    d  d  u    d  d  d  d
e --5--5-x-----5--5-x-----5--5-x----(5)(5)(5)--|
B --5--5-x-----5--5-x-----5--5-x----(5)(5)(5)--|
G --6--6-x-----6--6-x-----6--6-x-----6--6--6---|
D --7--7-x-(7)-7--7-x-(7)-7--7-x-(7)-7--7--7---|
A --7--7-x-(7)-7--7-x-(7)-7--7-x-(7)-7--7--7---|
E --5--5-x--0--5--5-x--0--5--5-x--0--5--5--5---|

e -------------------------------------------------|
B -------------------------------------------------|
G -----2------2------2-2-2----------2--------------|
D -2h4----2h4----2h4-------2----2h4---4-2----------|
A ----------------------------4-----------4--2--0--|
E -------------------------------------------------|

Then it goes quiet and for the rest of the song he intersperses
the picking of the above chords (A, Fm) with small lead bits.

Be kind, baby be kind
Be kind, baby be kind
The light of this might
Align your legs to time
They give me up as I got mine
Oh and that's too many times
Baby be kind
And my eyelids are fine
Don't let your eyes pop out boy
You may drop your black candy apple
From the fright of having your eyes pop out
And someone else buys seeing double
So be kind baby be kind
Won't cha be kind baby be kind
And the way he drops the ants will cover him up
I said you'd get 'em back dear
Don't cha try to puff them all up
Baby dear don't cha try
To be kind baby be kind
You know the light of this whole world and mine
Aligns your legs to time
The lake it ain't your fire
And that is all I've had
Too many had done
These eyelids mine
Don't let your eyes pop out
You might drop them on your stove
And they'll wiggle on home

Transcribed by ear, all my own work.
Good Luck
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