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Domo Genesis

Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

Coming for glamour and glitz, my plan to get rich
And turn the table, I'mma get the upper-hand on this shit
Fuck if it's quick, we eventually get to the shit
Don't need a co-sign, I'm knowing that my shit is legit
Shit getting ripped, yeah this as sick as it gets
I picture this shit, now it's looking as sick as my clip
Full moon warriors kicking down the fuckin doors
Crazy world, so we stuck on the grass, like herbivores
And if we moving, know that there's cash involved
I guess this what Nas meant when he said "The World is Yours"
Get out the way children, go do your chores
I'm a dog tryna get the bullshit up off my paws
My crew's small but the minds all strong
So even if one fall, we don't really take a loss
Maneuver like a boss, I pay the cost when I get the bread
Guillotine flow, keep getting sharper, I'mma stay ahead
Sleeping on me? Eventually you gotta make the bed
Cause all my shit hot like somebody tryna escape the Feds
Wild child, killing my wild style
Ambush, pow-pow, put my medal style
Gold chain and OJ's is what we about now
And when it comes to smoking, I'm your highness, so bow down
Coming at you raw live and rugged
Bitch niggas hate it, real niggas gon love it
Under the Influence but stay over the oven
Mixing drug music for your fucking crackhead cousin
I was that nigga back when you niggas said I wasn't
And now I make gold: every single thing I'm touching
Disgusting, allergic to the lame shit
Location and numbers change but, I be up on the same shit
Shout out to errybody who gave me all the patient
Odd Future fucking Wolf Gang, I bank shit

On and on, and on, and on, we still under the influence

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Outros vídeos desta música
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  • Bruno Rôla

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