Cifra Club

Sleep (ft. Erick Arc Elliot)

Flatbush Zombies

Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

Caucasian, iphone, purple weed
R­edbone, hood rich, pimp shit, fas­t money, no slip
Hemp paper, bob marley, raw­ filters, for the tip
Take this bag it up
Bring it back like christ cause
All blue chucks on
Black tee, golds on

Smash you in your redbottoms
Sock it you your throat zone
Smack it with my left hand
Grab it with my right one
All this damn pussy killin, man I gotta damn some
All this damn pussy in here, damn I gotta taste one

The last call, for alcohol
And any young broad
That wanna get involved
With a psychiatric ward, nice dick and all
You a big bitch, no chunky
I like em' nice slim thangs, peggy bundy
Lick until that pussy drip
I'm on my grown man

69 Beatin' shit I'm on my freak now
Money don't sleep, why the fuck should I?
Life is like a dice game
Everyday I'm rollin'
Closest thing to christ mayne
I feel like I'm chosen

Got the world at my palm
The universe at my toes
The finest of the high grade reeking off my clothes
Fuck a clock, time flies when you're getting high
Money don't sleep, so tell me why the fuck should I?
The prefix, I ain't even in my fuckin' prime
Black adolf, genocide in every line
Some women drop they clothes and they snort a line
Wear a rubber we don't fuck with them abortion lines
Shall I say plenty? Niggas mimic

And they follow, my chest hollow
Drunk by myself, finished the whole bottle
(Drunk by myself, finished the whole bottle)
And shall I dwell on the nights I barley managed well
What's the difference hell or jail
Kush make me parracel
O-gs on my sneakers
O-zs of the reefer
Sky-high you can't see us but
You smell us through your speakers

So cobain
No heroin or cocaine
Don't feel pain
So they call me meech, novacane
Love the camera, I take that (record scratch)
I ate that bitch, you lick on my dick
You vapor it and I cum on her tounge
And she savor it, killa pussy, never shed a tear
I'll throw in a sex party

Panties on the chandelier
Be humble, or you stumble
I said be humble, or you gon stumble
They ask bout death
I say I never fear it
They ask bout cha music
I say I never hear it
My heart was filled with darkness
Just like my appearance
(Just like my appearance)

I say I'm sky high when I'm dreamin' dawg
Another puff and I'm leanin' hard
Make sure that it's in my cup
Drink my drink till' my eyes are shut
Give her the wood like jenga
Rapper and not a singer
If I get the upper hand
You get the middle finger

Hella crystals, I like the way you shine
Livin' my day to day but I feel like I'm wastin' time
Alcoholic, bralwin', spoil it, fuck man whatever you call it
Got it imported from her
But shorty never call his number
I rather feel her up
Break her down and build her up
Hurt your shorty's self esteem
Cause she falls in love with lust

It's a dirty life I try to wash my hands off (my hands off)
Dirty dame frontin' but my man's love it
I never buy your shit
Unless you know the broad
That's why I buy your shit
Whenever I go abroad
Whip out cha callin' card
I feel it comin' on
I got ya freaky friends
Dancin' when this song is on

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Outros vídeos desta música
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