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The Old Stuff

Garth Brooks

Cifra: Principal (violão e guitarra)
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tom: G

          G               C             D       G       C/G     G               
Oh, I said a little prayer to-night    'fore I came on stage
 Bm7            C            D                  G        C/G    G       
As I came walk-in past the drivers and the locals on the union wage
 G/B              D        G
I asked the Dear Lord up in heaven
    C           G/B          A7
Let me treat the music right
        G               D       F       C       
Then I prayed that Detroit, goes wild tonight

Intro :
n.c.   G                        C
Seven pickers and all our in a rental van
          G                              D              
Playin music never sleepin and working on a neon tan
We played the barn down in Sanford, Florida, 
        C                       A
For Bev Roberts out in Camden Park
                 G                    D                     G
We plugged it in up east a Bull Run, and the place went dark
Chorus 1
 Am     Bbdim       G/B            C       Bb              G 
           Back when the old________ stuff_______ was new
Back before the buses and the hard working boys in the crew
              G                                                 B Bb A  
Well, it was one big party but the papers called it paying our dues
                   G     Bb             F      G        
back when the old______  stuff_________was new
Verse 2
Oh the stories we could tell if it weren't for the code of the road
About the Buckboard, Bear Creek, Cowboys and the Grizzly Rose
You know the weather turned bad in Scottsdale
A tornado nearly stole the show
We just danced in the rain and listened to the thunder rolls
Chorus 2
Back when the old stuff was new
Hats off to the K. C. Opry and eLLA Guru's
It was one big party, Uncle Joe you know we owe it all to you
Back when the old stuff was new
Instrumental Solo     G G       C       C       G       G       D       D
                    G   G       C       B  Bb A         G       D       G
                    F  Edim G/D
C       F             C              F
No rules young fools coming from the old school, 
C               F               C       
Taking on the world alone
G         C6          G7                 C6     
Next date can't wait, tearing up the interstate
G                C6                     G               
Ever place we played was home
C        F         C            F       
Balls out no doubt, this is what it's all about
C               F               C       
Beggin' for a place to play
Swingin' with our low friends, prayin' that it never ends
Wouldn't trade a single day
Repeat Chorus 1
Hey it's still one big party
                                C       B Bb A
You Can call it whatever you choose
                               G       Bb           F               G           
You make me feel like the old_____ stuff__________ is new
Outro:  n.c.    C       F   n.c.        G
Composição de Bryan Kennedy / Dan Roberts / Garth Brooks
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