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Quick Flick

Tech N9ne

Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

[Bridge (2x)]
Everybody see me gotta take a quick flick
Loving the way I do it when rap and mix it
Elephant fecal matter, man I'm doing big shit
Everybody see me gotta take a quick flick

[Hook (2x)]
Take a quick flick at the bar
Then maybe in the car
Then to the crib and make a flick and go far
Cause I'm a star
And they always obsessed
Don't mind taking a picture when it's
(1, 2, 3, Flip!)

[Verse 1: Tech n9ne]
I got that rap guap, I'm taking snapshots
For the jealous ones, I keep something for
You in the stash box
But I'm really really focused on hershey making that ass hop
Now she want a flick with me, hoping she's at my last stop
In the middle of a fixture, I was ready to kiss her
If she would let me cuddle with her sister
But I'll be ready to hold the camera steady
Cause when you sweaty, you slip and you missed her
So we flick and baby girl was thick - 36-24-36
Beat around the bush for the minute, went to the crib and was in it
Because I'm taking and making a flick I hit...

[Bridge & hook]

[Verse 2: Krizz kaliko]
I never been the type to dump the cannon
Even with tech and trav in the phantom
And, um, stay from this mouth
It's napalm
Lame bum when I rock up to your handgun
C'mon honey, take the picture
Kiss on krizz, then you gotta take me with ya
Itch you can't scratch, a quitter
Quick vic then a quick flick
Then I'm out the window I'm gone
That means I'm up in the air
Like a drink that got spilled in a party with smoke everywhere
At a resort
That means I'm running like a sucker and never
Suckered up for loving and
Go to the places where women, they love me
And niggas, they mug because bitches, they put me in



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