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Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

YO lowe the youth dem and stop fight the youths noh, the youth dem shall prosper and persue riches..cah ah the most high way ,we nah fear ...chant a psalm pon dem

burn out the badmind people
badmind people
dem try stop donia ,and dem badmind little police come confiscate up my vehicle....repeat

why dem want fi see me fail
dem noh wah see the fans,and
see me rail
lock me up see me derailed
fi the jail,say dem nah gimme bail..who me ah burn out the badmind people...repeat

dem fight me, anytime dem see the youth ah try
me di plan fi dem ,but dem go try fi tell a shooter lie
say me go fi mi phone , me grab me suit and tie
say me and me group arrive
mek shot bust and run go hide
dem say bullet wey shoot and fly, man all nearly lose a eye
gal all run up and down drop on the ground till dem all bruise a thigh...dem say you and addi your daddy and movado have whole heap ah tools a buy
see it dey the news ah fly
the eyes of the wise and the youths ah cry....nah fret
me calm, when me pon remand, since me go ah jail get anything wey me demand
me well look reform , get from the farm as me burn me spliff,and cigarette me put me lip on ,mek kentucky float in,biscuit ,drinks and me gone go sleep pon ground for me the bunk short and me ........ chant me psalm , tired fi see the police with the thick arm ,gotta live ,don't reminisce on.....

why dem want fi see me fail dem noh want see the fans and see me rail
lock me up see me derailed,fi the jail,say dem nah gimme bail ..who me ah burn out the badmind people..

bless me jah.....
cah some ah dem say ah me head , dem want it
so the gun wey dem bury dig up from where dem plant it
and dem say dem ah go bust it pon me and it nah stick
with dem dutty mucky mind wey dutty like ah armpit
(most high jah)
me never give a damn yet
(show me the path)
never mek me lose target
if the claat it, and me lie down inna casket..wind try blow the shaft quick
some weh say dem ah me friend dem cah trick
people say that dem did see when dem never saw shit
some dj wish me vice and draw sick

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Outros vídeos desta música
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  • Luciene Giordano

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