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The Curse Of The Sad Mummy

League Of Legends

Cifra: Principal (violão e guitarra)
Tom: F
Intro 2x: Gm Gm5+  Dm  C

Gm             F           Dm                C
Every child in Valoran has heard the tale before,
  Gm             F             Dm                C
About the cursed mummy boy who felt his heart no more.
   Gm                 Bb            Dm                C
So sad and lorn, the helpless lad, Amumu was his name,
     Gm            F                 Dm              C
He ventured out to find a friend and learn about his bane.

( Gm  Gm5+  Dm  C ) 2x

( Gm Dm Gm Bb Gm Dm C D# Gm5+ C Gm )

     C          Bb          Dm                   C
For many years, young Amumu traveled through the lands,
   Bb              F                Dm               C
Determined to make friends, if only they would understand,
    Gm        Bb          Dm                C
But even when Amumu stood upon the ledge of home,
    Gm               F             Dm              C
His hope would disappoint him, and he would remain alone.

But then the curse began to whisper in his ear,
              Bb           Gm
And would confirm what was Amumu's biggest fear,
                 D#             Gm             D#
It pledged that never shall someone become his friend,
    Gm          D#          Dm              C
It pledged that he shall be alone until his end.

The sorrow and despair,
Became too much to bear.

Gm  Gm5+   C  Gm   F#  D#   Gm   Bb  C  Gm  F#  Gm

   F                      Dm                C
The moment when Amumu realized what he had done,
                      F                 Dm             C
Too late it was, for him, for them, the evil curse had won.
    Bb                    Dm                      C
The anger and the anguish overwhelmed his fragile soul,
   Gm               Dm                          C
And caused a wicked tantrum that he never could control.
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