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Guiding the North Star

Light This City


In a world of such complex pathways we all feel lost.
No one could ever understand your directions
They used to be crystal clear
But they�ve been smeared by all the fingerprints
Of wanderers along your obscured path
Our messages all got tangled in their journeys from mouth to ear

White noise is filtered out as I submerge my head
Beneath the ocean I can�t seem to escape
Pathways are scarce down here, and no one needs to find their own way,
No one wants to explore their own fate
The current takes them to where they should be
It�s easier than to realize who you are, or that you�ve made a mistake

In a place where isolation washes through your lungs
Like acid and leaves you empty and burning
My message was crystal clear
But it�s been muted by all the footsteps
Of wanderers along this obscured path
Our images all got distorted in their journeys through our memories

If I don�t respond, it�s because I can�t hear you, and my brain is turning red
From being alienated for so long
I think I might have been abandoned under the surface
This way they can�t hear me screaming
This way they can�t feel me biting
This way they can�t feel me scratching
This way they can�t hear me
The sounds are far quieter in a world where no one lives
The pain is much fiercer when you can�t force someone else to feel it

If the earthen course would have taken me through bitter wars and meager comforts
At least I would have never known
The loneliness I failed to endure
Whose vastness reaches past the depths of the sea I have drowned myself in.

Composição de Benny Murray/Laura Nichol
Colaboração e revisão:
  • Marcos Ravi

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