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Any Major Dude

Steely Dan

Cifra: Principal (violão e guitarra)
tom: D
Tabbed and chorded by Howard Wright 
     As heard on the "Pretzel Logic" Album   (and a damn fine album it is) 
    A                      Asus2/C#               D 
     I never  seen  you   lookin' so bad  my    funky one 
  A                    Asus2/C#               G          A/G  G  A/G  G 
 You tell me that your super-fine  mind has  come undone 
  Bm7                F#m7                        G#m7 
Any major dude with half a heart  surely would  tell you my friend 
   Bm7                          F#m7                    G#m7 
Any amount of world that      breaks apart  falls  to - gether again 
         Bm7           D/E          Amaj7           Gmaj7 
When the demon  is    at your      door    in the   morning he won't be 
  F#m7     B7    A7         G7              F#m7 
there   no     more  any   major dude would tell you 
 D         G               A5 G5 A5 G5 A5 G5 A5 G5 A5 
  Any    major dude would  tell 
(These last chords go over the riff-the last change from G5 to A5 should be 
The other verses and choruses go as above, and the solo is played over the same 
chords as the verse 
There is a middle bit which comes after the third (I think!) chorus 
It goes: 
 F#m7            G#m7                  Amaj7                C#m7 
I can tell you   all I know   the     where  to go    the   what to do 
 F#m7            G#m7               Bm7                   D/E 
You can try to  run but you can't  hide from what's    inside  of you 
(The solo comes next) 
That's all!
Composição de Donald Fagen / Walter Becker
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