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Off da Hook


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Verse 1:
Oh yes, you know it's on again, this for my souled out believers who been born again
Yes, oh, you know we born in sin but through the resurrected Lamb we all been born to win
Cause at birth sin, we born into this thing, placed at odds with the Father, sworn enemies main
And we grow up from the time of inception with lies and deception, obeying our lust hoping that God'll accept us
But oh, no this joint is serious main, unrepentant sin in life, it get's Him furious main
No, oh please don't trust yourself, trying to carry sin's weight you'll crush yourself
So when your flesh start rising just hush yourself and put no trust in this world, it's gon rust and melt
So, get down like the bomb's been dropped, and trust the Father with your life before your time is out

Off da hook, off da hook, off da hook, off da hook (4x)
Oh, we off da hook, oh, we off da hook, oh, you off da hook, oh, she off da hook
Oh, he off da hook, oh they off da hook, oh, we off da hook, oh, we off da hook

Verse 2:
Oh, yes so peep the scene on the earth stacks of green, racks of lean, plus the green from the earth
Yes, oh, man's in love with himself and anything done good he thinks he does it himself
So he trust himself to pay the price for sin thinking if he's good enough then he can get on in
But oh, no he can't handle the weight cause the judgment of sin is too great
We broke the law, man we broke 'em all, we deserve the penalty to get broken off
But He brought me back, took the cross for that, got me off the hook, told me walk in that
We all stand to stand trial so I stand and say loud if you stand for anything then stand to stand down
And put your trust in the God above, even though we fall short He's still a God of love


Verse 3:
So what does this mean, we get loud for the Father, act wild for the Father, hands high for the Father
Because He put us where we sposed to be, He took Christ holiness and made clothes for me
And now that's close to me, like O to P, because the one who knew no sin got drove for me
So I run, run, for the One, One, represent for the Father get crunk, crunk
And let the world see your light main, shine it bright main, until they make a change and switch to the right lane
We asking ya, be ambassadors, preach Christ to the people like your pastor bruh
Don't pass Him up for the flashy stuff, getting caught up with yourself like a rapper does
So, serve the Father for the cost it took, 2 Corinthians 5:21 we off the hook


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