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The Chariot

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Well there is nothing else that we can lose. I put heart upon my sleeve tonight. I know everything will change soon,
I can see it in your eyes. Iou won't be here for very long. if no one hears you, will you still want to sing?
If the harmonies disappear? They can't take our place.
I believe she is different that you and I.
She can see things that we can't see. She is alone in this modern life.
My voice is forever changed but the notes are all the same? Iow long till you want to see? I think we want it out of reach.
And if it's something that I'll never come back well I told you not to look at me
Because it's a man made thought with a god-like hook and we will never have to go down.
So praises to the war machine and the distances growing thin and the hopelessness of a tiny earth and make shift hit.
I watched as she walked away. I knew the moment she turned her back.
She could never be the same again and she is never coming back.
In the land of a thousand fathers she was born on the fourth of july.
Well that don't mean she was made in america because she was gone in the blink of and eye.
She belongs but she acts like a stranger. She collapsed but she ain't free.
I am my only devil and they'll believe what they want to believe.

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