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Safe In My Heart


Cifra: Principal (violão e guitarra)
Tom: F#
Intro: Db Eb Bbm Eb
      (Db Eb Bb Eb)

Ab        Eb          Db                  Eb
  In this world, life can be hard on a sensitive girl
Db            Eb               Ab              Eb
  Who do you turn to, when you really need someone?
Don't give in, hold on, and in time
    Eb                     Fm
The day will come, and you will know
          Fm        Eb
That your life, has only just begun

Db             Eb                         Db             Eb
  And you will feel love, you'll feel the earth meet the heavens above
Db          Ab     Eb    Db            Eb
  Leave the past behind,   now is the time
B         Eb       Fm
Put your trust, in me, and believe, when I tell you
Eb                   Fm
I want you, close to me
And from now until the end of time

          Fm          C#
You'll be safe, in my heart
   Bbm       C
So safe, you know you are
        Fm            C#
In the space, in this heart
Bbm                     C
There will always be, a place for you
Safe in my heart

Ponte: Eb

Ab         Eb  Db                            Eb
  From now on,   girl I'll be there, I'll be strong for you
Db      Ab          Eb          Db         Ab      Eb
  And when you need me, I'll be right here by your side
Eb                 Fm         Db    Bbm      Eb
Put your trust, in me, and believe, when I tell you
Ab     Eb
I need you, close to me
                   Bbm    Eb
From now until the end of time, I want you to know

        G#m         E
You are safe, in my heart
   C#m       Eb
So safe, you know you are
         G#m                           E
In this space (in this space), in this heart (in this heart)
         C#m                          Eb
There's no room (ooh-ooh-oooh) for anyone (aaah-aah), but you

        G#m           E
You are safe, I would cry for you
                C#m                Eb
In my heart, so safe, even die for you, oooh-ooh
       G#m                        E
So just listen (ooh-ooh-oooh) and remember, oooh-ooh
         C#m                         Eb
There will (ooh-ooh-oooh) always be a place (aaah-aah) for you
F#         Bbm
Safe in my heart

Eb                                                  Bb       Eb
Nnnnn-nnnn-nnn-nnn (oooh-ooh), you'll be safe in my heart
Bbm         Eb                                 Bbm   Eb
(Safe in my heart) do you really need someone? Ooh-ooh-oooh
I'll be there and I'll be (safe in my heart) strong for you babe, ooh-ooh-oooh
          Eb                          Bbm  Eb
You'll be safe, so (safe in my heart) safe, safe in my heart
Bb    Eb               Bbm
Nnnnn-nnnn, safe in my heart
Composição de Mick Jones
Colaboração e revisão:
  • Jônatas Lara
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